A platform for cell industrialization

Skywill runs cell development projects.
We begin with cell design and move through sample production phases to mature the product. After validation, cells are ready for mass-manufacturing at our gigafactories.

Final Design

Once all specifications
are met, designs are ready
for mass-manufacturing
at our gigafactories.

Cell Design

Sustainable by default,
we design cells to meet
customer requirements.


On-site facilities provide capabilities
for evaluating cells for safety,
robustness and lifetime performance.

Cell Sample Production

Production begins and cell samples are delivered to customers.


Designs and production processes
are optimized to ensure cells
are meeting specification.

Fellow Travelers For A Sustainable Future

Focusing on the future of the world, sustainable development is not only a trend, but also a goal that needs to be put into practice. Besides, the lithium battery is one of businesses that can make contributions to the environmental.



$ 0

million investment


GWh annual capacity


production space


years experience

Can Be Customized

Say Goodbye To Limitations

Just Li Lithium battery manufacture is innovating the future of lithium-ion battery technology used in mission-critical applications.  Our lithium-ion batteries use a proprietary battery management system that unleashes the full potential of your battery system.

Longer Cycle Life

Just Li batteries can be ran more than 2000 cycles at 80% DOD. Furthermore, the design lifespan of our storage batteries are up to 20 years.

Higher Efficiency

The efficiency of our storage batteries are >90%.

Wider Operating Temperature Range

-4°F~+122°F/-20°C~+50°C would be the operating temperature of Just Li storage batteries.

More Safety

Varied tests must be passed by Just Li batteries to ensure the safety, such as: crashing, squeezing and flaming, etc.

Zero Maintenance

Base on the sealed design of LiFePO4 batteries, there is barely need any maintenance.

How Energy Storage Works in The Home

The curve created by the up and down movement of your monthly energy bills is called the load profile.
Businesses with a lot of fluctuation have a “spiky” load associated with drastic shifts throughout the day in how much energy they are consuming.
Storage helps reduce that spike.


During daylight, your solar system uses batteries to store excess energy it generates.


Intelligent software coordinates between solar and storage, optimizing how and when energy is utilized.


     Stored energy can be released:

  • When rates are high
  • To keep supply at a consistent level and avoid peak demand charges
  • To stay below a certain energy use threshold and avoid moving into a higher rate tariff  

After Sales Service

We will be responsible for every battery we sell