Custom Electric Wheelchair 12.8V 33Ah

HD is ready to meet all your energy demand!

● Longer Cycle Life

HD batteries can remain 80% capacity after 4000 cycles. The design life span of batteries are up to 15 years.

● Higher Efficiency

High charging efficiency >98%, HD batteries can be fully charged in shorter time.

● Lower self-discharge

The battery self-discharges below 3% per month, providing optimal longevity and shelf life.

● Fewer Maintenance

LiFePO4 batteries adopt a fully enclosed design, which does not need manual maintenance very often and periodic filling of electrolyte.

● Custom/on-demand BMS

The build-in BMS detecting and monitoring of battery operating voltage, current, temperature… according to customers’ needs.

● Wide Working Temperature Range

HD batteries are suitable for various working environment, it can be discharged from -40~60℃.

● More Safety

All batteries has been ensured by passed through all tests of crashing, squeezing and flaming etc.




Application scenarios

Golf Cart


Floor Machine

Electric Wheel

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